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 Kelowna Caring Canines is always looking for dedicated volunteers and their friendly well behaved dogs to visit various medical facilities, educational institutions, and for the Kelowna Airport Ambassadog Program.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with ♥Kelowna Caring Canines and we look forward to meeting with you and your dog at our next available Evaluation.

Currently, we have a long waitlist, so we are not accepting any more applications at this time. Please check back with us later in the year to see if we will accept applications for 2024


Our Membership Chair will get in touch with you once you are on  wait list  to send you the required forms along with information about visiting policies,  the list of dog breeds that are not acceptable under our insurance, and membership requirements.

Once you have been approved and assigned to an evaluation, you will be sent a required  Health Form to be filled out by your vet.

 Completed forms will need to be mailed to us:

♥Kelowna Caring Canines Society,

Suite #506 101-1856 Dilworth Drive

Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 9T1


        Caring Canine Screening for volunteers 



A Kelowna Caring Canines evaluation looks carefully at the dogs:

  • Relationship with its handler
  • Disposition and behaviour
  • Understanding of basic obedience commands
  • Overall health
  • Grooming and cleanliness
  • Response to people and noise
  • Response to different types of medical equipment

Dog and Handler Evaluations  for Kelowna Caring Canines are held several times a year, depending on the number of applicants. Click here for FAQS


Dogs and their handlers are carefully evaluated before they can be accepted. Kelowna Caring Canines Dog and Handler Evaluations are conducted by our experienced volunteers in a Kelowna veterinary facility with a veterinarian present.

 The following criteria apply to all our volunteers:  

Visiting dogs must be 1 year old or more, have a current license.

Be trained in basic obedience, have a relatively calm nature.

We are sorry but dogs that are fed a raw food diet are not eligible to participate in our organization. For more information, this article may be helpful;

Certain dogs breeds and dogs that are a mix of certain breeds are not covered by our insurance and therefore they are not allowed in our program. 

Cleanliness is a priority. Proper grooming, along with trimmed nails, clean teeth and ears etc. is always required for your visiting dog.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated at the time of your evaluation.

 Certain facilities may not let you visit until you have completed a criminal record check with the facility. Some facilities will require you to obtain an annual flu shot prior to each flu season.

Volunteers without dogs are also welcome as members our Society. There are a variety of administration and promotional events that we welcome volunteers for.

Junior Volunteers are welcome- you must be 16 years of age to visit on your own.
If you are under 16, you may apply, but you must be accompanied by an adult, and both must pass an evaluation separately with the dog.

Both you and your dog are covered by our insurance, so that you and your dog, are fully insured while visiting.

Before being accepted for an Evaluation, your dog must be checked by your veterinarian and our Annual Health Form must be filled out, and signed by your Vet.



To maintain your membership in Kelowna Caring Canines you are required to: 

Pay your membership fee of 20.00 by December 31 of each calendar year.
Have your visiting dog seen by your Vet for an annual health exam. You must complete and submit an Annual Health Form annually.

Attend at least one member meeting per year.