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Kelowna Caring Canines Pet Therapy Visits

We charge our members a small fee of $20.00 annually to cover the insurance we carry to cover our volunteers and their dogs while they visit.

Kelowna Caring Canines appreciates any help in any donation amount or any services you wish to offer. This could be from an individual, group, or business.

The rest of our funding comes from the generosity of those in the community who believe in what we do.

Won’t you consider becoming a Caring Canines Sponsor?

Please email us directly through the contact form on our site for more information.

You can also email us direct at

  Kelowna Caring Canines Society would like to graciously thank the following companies and individuals for their continued support.


  Dr Ellen Nicklassen 

  Bonnie Belle Photography 

  London Drugs -Spall Plaza

  FH&P Lawyers

 Fortis BC 

Kelowna Airport 

Kelowna Community Resources

Local Marketing Plus- Jo Ann McLellan

Our hope is that through these efforts, we can help to improve the quality of the many lives we touch.