Kelowna Caring Canines members and their visiting Dogs can now be found visiting with passengers and staff  at Kelowna International Airport.

The Kelowna Airport Ambassadog program started in September of 2017 with our  member Pauline and her dog Jeepster being the first official Ambassadog at YLW.

Currently we have the folowing teams at YLW:

Pauline & Jeepster
Gene & Charlie
Lisa & Jackson
Donna & Frankie
Denis & Oakley
Liz & Jade
Cindy & Chester
Bill & Isla
Gord & Winnie
Cathy & Belly/Cody
Sue I. & Yoshi
Along with past ambassadog teams
Sue & Elli/Tobi
Paula & Lance w/ Yukon & Ty
Kevin & Maude
Sandy & Charli

You will be able to relieve the stress of flying by enjoying a visit with one of the Ambassadogs on your next visit to Kelowna Airport.