06 Dec

Visiting Okanagan College Students

Our members and their furry volunteers have enjoyed visiting the Students at Okanagan College for this 2019 fall semester.

Our member and their dogs will back to see Okanagan College Students in 2020 starting with the Puppies and Popcorn Event from January 8th from 12-2pm.

For more photos and information about our visits – visit the college facebook page https://www.facebook.com/okanagancollegeathleticsandrecreation/

Taz loves the attention!

Sandy and Charli wait for the students to arrive

Come pet my belly says Lizzie Lu

Please pet us says Tobi N Elli

Mandy made lots of students happy

Daisy has lots of smiles for everyone

MJ really provided some great pet therapy

Winnie made so many students smile